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What a couple of weeks it has been – with a fantastic Regatta Week last week, and getting back to normal activities, including training last night, this week. With Will & Abbey away at the Topper Nationals in Weymouth, and Peter & his family at sea on their boat, it’ll be a short update, with a full Horning Week round-up to follow in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who made Horning Week happen. It’s no small task – and we are very grateful to you all. You can read the Regatta report in Yachts & Yachting here, and it was also in yesterday’s Eastern Daily Press (Thursday).


The main news this week is regarding where we will be racing this weekend – and activities over the coming days (especially given the brilliant forecast!) The Race Management Committee have been keeping the Broad situation under review, and whilst the situation (thankfully) appears to be improving, given the risk of damage to safety boats, the majority decision was to stick with racing on the river this weekend (14th August), with the next scheduled Broad racing, the Yare & Bure Open on 3/4th September, to hopefully go ahead on the Broad. If the situation should change in the meantime we will of course keep you updated, but we are very hopeful of a return to the Broad before the end of season.


This means that this week there will be:

·       Saturday 13th August – Sundown Series – be down for 4pm

·       Sunday 14th August – Racing on the River (Programme D)

·       Monday 15th August – Paddleboarding (6pm onwards)

·       Thursday 18th August – Training

·       Saturday 20th August – work party (10am) and Sundown series


Sunday’s race programme is as follows, for which the OOD is Dominic Copping:

Series 1 - Recommend 45-minute race (Cruisers longer)

10.30 Reedlings

10.35 Rebels

10.40 Yeomans

10.45 Yare & Bures

10.50 Juniors & Allcomers “B & C” (e.g. Toppers/Lasers/Splashes)

11.00 Cruisers


Series 2 – Start 11.30 earliest (ideally 11.45)

**.** Reedlings

**.** Rebels

**.** Yeomans

**.** Yare & Bures

**.** Juniors & Allcomers “B & C”


13.00 Allcomers Crews & Practice Race – Approximately 20-minute race (all welcome)


Series 3 - Recommend 45-minute race (Cruisers longer)

14.00 Reedlings

14.05 Rebels

14.10 Yeomans

14.15 Yare & Bures

14.20 Juniors & Allcomers “B & C”

14.30 Cruisers


Series 4

**.** Reedlings / Yeomans

**.** Rebels / Yare & Bures

**.** Juniors & Allcomers “B & C”


**.** The series will start at a time determined by the OOD.


Starts will be separated by a 5-minute interval.


Rear Commodore’s 8 Knot

I hope you all had an enjoyable Horning Week. It was a very busy 7 days for me and I am now taking a break at sea in my other boat. This week’s 8 Knot comes from an anchorage in the River Deben.


There were some outstanding performances in Horning Week, but for me you would have to look very hard to beat the Galley crew led by Vikki and her volunteers. Then there were the dory crews, sitting up the river for hours at a time. I have not mentioned the sailors because they will be getting their prizes later. We should all be very grateful to our great volunteers because it is they who really make Horning Week possible and successful.


Talking of volunteers, do not forget that we have a scheduled working party on 20 August when I am sure we will have a number of maintenance tasks to do. I will be checking with Will and our Thursday group before then.


Peter – Rear Commodore HSC



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