Horning Sailing Club enjoyed another busy weekend, with the continuation of the Sundown Series on Saturday afternoon in light winds, and even lighter winds for Sunday racing, which tested the persistence of even the most patient sailors, particularly when the heavens opened soaking all the sailors! The first series began in earnest, but soon the wind dropped, and combined with fighting the tide and torrential rain, it was a long slog. First home was Robert Hancock in his Reedling Siskin, having just made it before the torrential downpour, but for those caught out, it was to be a much longer (and damper) wait. Next back were the Rebels, led by Simon Moore sailing Rebel. The remainder of the fleet were much closer together, Toby Fields in Yeoman Tanskey just overtaking Caroline Johnson on the finishing line by a few seconds, and Q Stewart in Blue Moon only just making it back before being timed out. By the afternoon, enthusiasm was waning and the turnouts were smaller, but a few hardy sailors persevered.