Thursday night saw the continuation of the informal junior racing sessions, held on the River Bure outside the Clubhouse.  Beginning in warm sunshine and a gentle breeze, getting on the water provided a welcome break from the heat of the day, and the session was fully subscribed with 12 juniors participating.  As the second race started, the sea mist started to move in, gradually enveloping the beautiful blue skies that were enjoyed earlier in the day, but this did not deter the young sailors, who continued to race through the murkier conditions!  Three races were held, with the light and fluky winds proving a challenge – but no one gave up and everyone left with smiles on their faces (if a little on the chilly side!).

Action from Thursday evening’s racing

The results were as follows:

Race 1:

Allcomers B (3):

  1. Preston (Laser)
  2. Jack & Clare (Wayfarer)

Allcomers C (9):

  1. Harry (Topper)
  2. James (Topper)
  3. Charley (Topper)

Race 2:

Allcomers B (5):

  1. Charley
  2. James
  3. Harry

Allcomers C (6):

  1. Harrison (Topper)
  2. Anya (Topper)
  3. Ewan (Topper)

Race 3:

Allcomers B (4):

  1. Harry
  2. James
  3. Preston

Allcomers C (4):

  1. Zia (Topper)
  2. Tallulah (Topper)
  3. Ella (Topper)