Yeomans racing on the River Bure - 13th September 2020

Sunday 13th September saw champagne sailing conditions and a welcome return to racing on the River Bure for Horning Sailing Club.  With the river a little quieter due to the schools having returned, the opportunity was seized to get back to river racing, and whilst the morning series of Yare & Bures, Rebels & Reedlings was relatively quiet, during the afternoon series eleven Yeoman turned out to revel in the near-perfect conditions. 

The morning’s Yare & Bure series saw Ron Jackson sailing Holly Blue win two races ahead of Ali Bourke in Nevada Blue, whilst Derek & Mo Jones enjoyed a sail in their Reedling (although sailors from both fleets were on race duty this weekend).

Excitement was provided in between the series when number 2 buoy was lost over the lunch break; it was subsequently found by a patrol boat at the entrance to Black Horse Broad.  They also managed to find the rope and weight, with whomever had managed to cut it free from their prop having had a lucky escape.

Although busy at the starts during the afternoon series, providing an impressive spectacle for those watching from Swan Green, the fleet quickly spread out.  Winner of the first Yeoman race was Geoff Stubbs in Tara, having broken away from the remainder of the sailors, with Roger Hannant second in Firefly, and Roger Pettit third in Anaoh.  The second race saw Tara once again pull away from the fleet, this time with Toby Fields second in Tanskey, and Firefly third.  The dinghy turnouts were lower, although both Kim West and Hamish Harmer enjoyed sailing their Laser and Topper respectively.



Series 1 & 2:


1.       Merlin (Derek Jones/Mo Jones)

Yare & Bure One Designs:

1.       Holly Blue (Ron Jackson/Julia Bower)

2.       Nevada Blue (Ali Bourke/Abi Tassie)

Series 3:


1.       Tara (Geoff Stubbs/Mike Stubbs)

2.       Firefly (Roger Hannant/Cari Hannant)

3.       Anaoh (Roger Pettit/Andy Barnham)

Allcomers B:

1.       Laser (Kim West)

Allcomers C:

1.       Topper (Hamish Harmer)


Series 4:


1.       Tara

2.       Tanskey (Toby Fields/James Bloomfield)

3.       Firefly

Allcomers B:

1.       Laser (Kim West)

Allcomers C:

2.       Topper (Hamish Harmer)