Horning Sailing Club enjoyed another good weekend’s racing on Hoveton Little Broad with a decent breeze.  Conditions were ideal for the Yeomans, which had the strongest fleet of six participating. With port bias on the start line, this resulted in some daring tactics at the starts, with a good couple of beats and close racing.  In the first series, lead Yeoman was Toby Fields in Tanskey, with Geoff Stubbs second in Tara, and Andrew Gallant third in Aquamarine.  The second race saw Paul Clarke win in Two C Sons, with Tanskey second, and Tara third.  Meanwhile in the Yare & Bure One Designs it was Ali Bourke in Nevada Blue who won both races, with Ron Jackson in Holly Blue second and Alastair Fields in Rosy Wave third in each race.  The dinghies saw a Topper, Splash and Laser participate, with Ryan Walford and Ellie Edwards taking a win each, sailing a Topper and Splash respectively.


Series 1

Reedlings (1):
  1. Merlin (Derek Jones/Morag Jones)
Yeomans (6):
  1. Tanskey (Toby Fields/James Bloomfield)
  2. Tara (Geoff Stubbs/Michael Stubbs)
  3. Aquamarine (Andrew Gallant/Katja Garbe)
Yare & Bure One Designs (3):
  1. Nevada Blue (Ali Bourke/Abi Tassie)
  2. Holly Blue (Ron Jackson/Julia Bower)
  3. Rosy Wave (Alastair Fields/Kevin Blackwell)
Allcomers B & C (3):
  1. Topper (Ryan Walford)
  2. Splash (Ellie Edwards)
  3. Laser (Daniel Herring)

Series 2

Yeoman (6):
  1. Two C Sons (Paul Clarke/Sarah Clarke)
  2. Tanskey
  3. Tara
Yare & Bure One Designs (3):
  1. Nevada Blue
  2. Holly Blue
  3. Rosy Wave
Allcomers B & C (2):
  1. Splash (Ellie Edwards)
  2. Topper (Ryan Walford)