Hi everyone,

Another week has flown by and we have reached the summer solstice – thankfully the weather seems to have caught up with the seasons, and it’s been lovely to get on the water in sunshine - and breeze! Activities have continued at HSC with it being our busy summer season. The weekend saw several events take place, as outlined by Will below, and you can read the race report here; https://horning-sailing.club/news/club-racing-19th-june-2022/ You may also have seen that we have a lovely new tablet in the Clubhouse which cycles through weather apps so we can get up-to-the-minute forecasts and wind predictions, which will be very helpful – a huge thank you to James Gittins for donating this.


Action from the down river start on Sunday!

Commodore’s Update

Saturday saw HSC host an accessible Sailability sailing session for the University of East Anglia, with a total of 17 people going out in two Yeomans, a Rebel  & the Hansa dinghy; all had a good time & enjoyed their day with us

This was followed by the Sundown Series. This week help is required on rescue & to help Peter run the session as I, Bob & Holly will be unavailable. Please email rear-commodore@horning-sailing.club if you can help.

We also had a very good turn out on the down river to Thurne on Father’s Day, the weather was far better than originally forecast.

A reminder to all our members about drinking when either sailing or in a motor boat, after Monday left me dealing with an incident at Horning. I turned up at the Club just before 17:30 to see a boat which looked moored across the river on our moorings. When I investigated nobody appeared to be on board & the boat was found to just be sitting against the quay heading with no mooring lines attached. After securing the boat, I went over to The Swan to see if anyone owned the boat, where I was informed by some holiday makers on a boat that around 15:15 an elderly gentleman had fallen into the water, where he remained for over 30 minutes. He was, as stated, very drunk & could not get out of the water onto his boat; he apparently was got out of the water & put back on his boat & just left. The boat was watched just moving up & down the quay heading with no emergency services called.

After returning to the boat with another member, we boarded the boat to find an elderly man who when woken had no recollection of what happened, where he was, also in no fit state to be left. We then towed the boat to the Club keeping him under observation. After talking to the emergency services an Ambulance was sent as the police refused to attend, the ambulance crew then carried out full checks on him, but now awake, he was now insistent on taking his boat to Ranworth. By this time we now had not only police in attendance, but the fire service & RIB with the coast guard on their way which was stopped. The gentleman was 68 years old & was breathalysed by the police, being several times over the limit they then confiscated his keys being in no fit state to be in charge of a motor vessel, with the boat being secured at the Club. This not only tied up the ambulance etc but saw me at the club for several hours dealing with this, which also saw the Management Meeting postponed until next Monday.  This could have ended very differently, with the risk also of secondary drowning, hypothermia etc. The boat still remains at the Club, now more work to find out the latest.

Paddleboarding also took place on Monday evening - the young members having fun & games with their boards with the adults going for a leisurely paddle on their boards.

The 8th July sees the return of the charity event after Covid by the Benjamin Foundation at HSC, their Champagne & Strawberries, please see the poster & info, please come & support this worthwhile cause.

Summer Social after Sailing on Saturday 02nd July, BBQ & sides. This is the Keelboat & Yeoman Open Weekend, so please come & join us, all welcome.

Unwanted working slow cookers are still required by Liz Ollier, they can be dropped off at the Club.

This weekend I will be at Rutland Water Sailing Club with my daughter Abbey who will be taking part in the ITCA NS5 Topper national event.

Last weekend Anya took part in the RYA Nationals at Grafham Water, where out of 28, Anya came 12th overall & 5th girl, well done to Anya.

Please can I remind members not to leave their boats moored on the Club frontage & return them to your moorings after sailing.

Remember to keep hydrated in this very hot weather & be careful not to suffer heat stroke. Get well soon to our members suffering with Covid & other illnesses.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Keep safe & well

Will – Commodore HSC



Rear Commodore’s 8 Knot

 As previously reported, we are now planning to hold what I hope will be the final hardstanding work party, and the date is 09 July. I think if we can get about 10-12 volunteers we should be able to complete the work between 1000 and 1300, or thereabouts. I hope this gives you enough notice to make your plans. We need to get this job finished before Horning Week. There is a scheduled work party on 23 July but we will need that to make sure all is tidy at the club before we go into the main week of the season.

I would also like to put in a small plug here for the Sundown Series, which continues this Saturday 1600 to 1800, and ask for volunteers to help run this fairly informal event. This includes a rescue boat helm and crew (probably only one needed). The weather is looking good with plenty of wind.



Looking ahead to this weekend:


Saturday – Sundown Series

This Saturday (25th June) sees the continuation of our Sundown Series. This is a very relaxed, informal race series which provides a great opportunity to get on the water - as Will and Peter have said, we are also in need of volunteers to help keep this going – please help if you can. We will be getting started at approx. 4pm to finish around 6pm. We hope to see you there!


Sunday – River racing

Sunday sees racing on the River, following Programme A. The OOD is Jeremy Tusting.

The programme is:

Series 1 - Recommend 45-minute race (Cruisers longer)

10.30 Reedlings

10.35 Rebels

10.40 Yeomans

10.45 Yare & Bures

10.50 Juniors & Allcomers “B & C” (e.g. Toppers/Lasers/Splashes)

11.00 Cruisers


Series 2 – Start 11.30 earliest (ideally 11.45)

**.** Reedlings

**.** Rebels

**.** Yeomans

**.** Yare & Bures

**.** Juniors & Allcomers “B & C”


13.00 Allcomers Crews & Practice Race – Approximately 20-minute race (all welcome)


Series 3 - Recommend 45-minute race (Cruisers longer)

14.00 Reedlings

14.05 Rebels

14.10 Yeomans

14.15 Yare & Bures

14.20 Juniors & Allcomers “B & C”

14.30 Cruisers


Series 4

**.** Reedlings / Yeomans

**.** Rebels / Yare & Bures

**.** Juniors & Allcomers “B & C”

**.** The series will start at a time determined by the OOD.


Starts will be separated by a 5-minute interval.

The following weekend (2/3rd July) is Keelboat weekend, combined with a Yeoman Open, with a social on the Saturday evening – see Will’s report above for more information.


Champagne & Strawberries Party


Whilst not organised by HSC, we are pleased to host this event on behalf of the Benjamin Foundation, and it would be lovely to see some of our members there supporting such a worthwhile cause.

The Benjamin Foundation is a local charity which works with teenagers and young adults who are struggling to get their lives back on track after a difficult start to their adult lives for any number of reasons. If you would like to find out a bit more about this, their web address is on the poster, as are all other details.

Do please come along if you can, we promise real champagne, delicious canapés, and local strawberries and cream. And good company, of course!

All details are on the poster, and you can get tickets from Anne Wagstaff - and, who knows, yours might win the lucky ticket draw for a bottle of champagne!

Thank you, and very much hope to see you there.



Galley – Instagram account

The Galley team have created an Instagram account so you can keep up-to-date with the latest galley news and offerings – you can follow it at @hscgalley (please request access).


Monday – Paddleboarding sessions

Paddleboarding will continue this Monday 27th June 6pm-8pm. Please be ready to go at 6pm and we usually go for a paddle for an hour or so before returning to the Clubhouse. Please bring your own paddleboard, along with leash, and buoyancy aid.


Yeoman Regionals at NBYC, 25-26 June (this weekend) – from Toby Fields (Y9)

The Yeoman Nationals have been replaced from this year by a regional championship. The Broadland regionals are being held at NBYC in 2 weeks’ time. Details and sailing instructions are here: https://www.nbyc.co.uk/sailing-instruction-2019/?fbclid=IwAR2Hx68agHOGkx5GIQRdlesIfNUIAo34AJcwwiVNIe0UIkALlVvXpADTiNE

The Regionals/Nationals are an event for club sailors, you do not have to be an elite helm in order to enjoy this event. It is a nice change to race in a larger combined fleet, likely to be around 20-30 Yeomans in total. You must be a member of the YK Association to participate, this can be done by contacting the Secretary in advance on ykassociation@hotmail.com

I am planning to attend this event and have the ability to tow a couple of extra Yeomans on the Saturday morning should anyone else need to get there. In addition, Steve Middleditch will be doing a tow at some point on the Friday before. Please let me know if you need a tow up and on which day, Friday or Saturday, so we can make arrangements to get boats moved.

NBYC are looking for rough numbers so they can accommodate us with moorings. If you are planning to attend please let me know on tfields9@hotmail.co.uk . NBYC supported us well last year for our championships with 7 visitors attending, it would be great to be able to reciprocate.

Toby Fields (Y9)


Crewing reminder

By way of a reminder, please email me (Holly) on news@horning-sailing.club if you are in need of a crew/would like to crew and I’ll do my best to coordinate requests.


HSC 200 Club – from Joan Butcher

Fifteen numbers totalling £320 are drawn each quarter with a top prize of £75. If you would like to join the 200 Club, the new HSC 200 Club application forms are now on the notice board on the back wall of the Clubhouse. Alternatively, you can speak to Will. If you wish to contact me I am on 01603 466535 or email me at joan324butcher@btinternet.com.


Easy Fundraising

If you haven’t signed up yet to support the Club through online shopping, you can do so at https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/horningsc/

Collectively – we’ve raised over £140 for the Club so far – let’s keep this going.

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