Hi everyone,

Another week has flown by and we enjoyed a very pleasant Sunday’s racing last weekend, the gentle breeze and sunshine making it feel much warmer. We also had a really good turnout on the water, which was great to see. You can read the full race report here. There’s also a couple of brilliant pictures from Dan Herring, taken whilst on rescue – it didn’t seem that breezy on the water …! There are some significant updates this week (so please read until the end!) – and further information about our racing this weekend, which sees a change to our 6/3 minute sequence on the Broad Sunday (remember to change your watches to this start sequence!), and a Downriver race Monday. The forecast also looks to be brilliant, so we hope that you can join us.

Photographs of last Sunday's racing thanks to Dan Herring


Commodore’s Update

It’s been a busy week, attending the 3 Rivers Race Committee Meeting, arranging & attending a Training Centre meeting where I am pleased to announce we have had a volunteer come forward to take on the Role of Principal, Ange Childerhouse. My thanks to Ange for taking on the role with the support of the Chief Instructors, I am sure members & parents will fully support Ange as the new training season is just  a few weeks away & boats need cleaning & tasks throughout the season.

Again, on behalf of myself & the Club I would express my deep gratitude & thanks for the years of extreme hard work Bob, Chris and Holly Hancock have put into making the training centre the success it is, also how it underpins the Club with new members of all ages.

I was away @ Brightlingsea Sailing Club where Abbey & Anya took up the challenge of sailing on the sea, it was a glorious weekend with good wind & sun, out on the water for over four hours a day before returning. I was out on the Rib Saturday so had a birds eye view of watching Abbey & Anya, they did really well flying the flag for HSC, Sunday waders were the order of the day launching & recovering the fleet of Toppers. A report from Abbey & Anya to follow with pictures.

After getting back early Sunday evening it was down to the Club to welcome the West Runton Trust & Jamie their leader, who used the Club to moor 7 boats overnight as they travel round the Broads. The trust arranges a week-long sailing experience for young boys & girls from different backgrounds, giving them the chance to learn how to sail, also being part of a team.

Work is progressing on the new surface to be installed in front of the dinghy racks. Peter & myself will be requesting help from members shortly as we need a large team to come armed with wheel barrows & shovels to get the job done, it was delayed due to poor weather & availability of the materials.

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all a Happy Easter, hopefully see you at the Club at the weekend.

In the meantime keep safe & well,

Will – Commodore HSC



Rear Commodore’s 8 Knot

I have some important news regarding our next working party. The working party which you will see in the White Book for 23 April is now postponed until Saturday 07 May. There is a First Aid course at the Club on 23 April for 3 Rivers Committee, and the following Saturday is Horning Boat Show. We have big plans for 07 May which will involve a lot of heavy work laying the new hardstanding with a plastic honeycomb filled with shingle. You will notice the bags of shingle already in the car park.

We really need a big turnout for this major work party and we will be providing an appropriate level of catering to keep your energy levels up. I hope giving you all plenty of notice will help many of you find the time to help the Club complete this project.

Meanwhile, we have managed to find enough petrol to keep all the dories running for your safety this Easter weekend, so enjoy the sailing and have a great Easter.

Peter - Rear Commodore HSC



Looking ahead to this weekend

The forecast is looking good, and Sunday sees the first of our racing programme on Hoveton Little Broad. This will also be the first time trying the new 6/3 start sequence (instead of 10/5 minutes). The aim of this is to reduce time waiting on the Broad – but it will mean that some starts will be a little earlier, so please arrive in plenty of time for the tow to the Broad. There’s a note from our OOD, Toby Fields, below.

New Start Sequence – 6’s and 3’s on the Broad.

A reminder of the new start sequence designed to reduce waiting times on the Broad. Flags will be the same as on the River course.

Signal 1 (10:24) – Reedling 6

Signal 2 (10:27) – Reedling 3, Yeoman 6

Signal 3 (10:30) – Reedling Start, Yeoman 3, Rebel 6

Signal 4 (10:33) – Yeoman Start, Rebel 3, YBOD 6

Signal 5 (10:36) – Rebel Start, YBOD 3, Dinghies* 6

Signal 6 (10:39) – YBOD start, Dinghies* 3

Signal 7 (10:42) – Dinghies* Start

Signals 8,9 and 10 (10:45, 10:48, 10:51) – Cruisers 6, 3, Start


Then two further races back-to-back using the same sequence (no Cruisers in series 2 as they will have a longer race 1), times to be decided on the day.

*It may be necessary to split dinghies into separate Allcomers B and C depending on numbers, Allcomers C (mostly Toppers), if split, will start 3 minutes later under flag Q (plain yellow).

Aiming to complete all 3 races by 13:30 latest, possibly a little earlier if all goes to plan. Hope to see lots of you there, the first tow to the Broad will leave the island at around 10am.

Toby Fields (OOD)


After racing on Sunday, it’s the first of our ‘Social Sundays’ this year, and it would be great to see members continuing to enjoy the Club into the afternoon. So why not come down, enjoy yourself, have a social sail/paddleboard if you wish – and just enjoy spending time with friends.

On Monday, we will have our traditional Easter Monday Downriver Race to Thurne. If you intend to take part, we would be grateful if you could please email racing@horning-sailing.club so that we can plan for numbers, but there will be a briefing in the Clubhouse at 9.30am. The OOD is David Means.


Training Update

As you have all been aware, Dad (Bob), is retiring as HSC’s RYA Principal and Chief Instructor, and we are delighted that Ange Childerhouse and her team have agreed to take this on. The Training Centre is such a vital part of HSC’s future and, for us, this has played a huge part in our lives for the best part of 20 years, since it was set up in 2003/4. Just last night I was driving back from Hickling and passed a field that we used to load up and collect the NSSA’s Optimists from every week to enable training to take place, as, in the early days, we had very few Club boats (just a couple of Toppers) and had to rely on the generosity of local organisations to get training off the ground. We are very proud of what the Club has achieved in this time, thanks to HSC’s fantastic volunteers – and we would like to thank you all for your support over the years. We wish Ange and her team all the best in the future, and hope that you will continue to support them in the same way that you have supported us. We look forward to seeing the Club going from strength to strength.


Crewing reminder

By way of reminder, please email me on news@horning-sailing.club if you are in need of a crew/would like to crew and I’ll do my best to coordinate requests.


Horning Boat Show/Discover Sailing Day

Many thanks to all those who have been in touch to offer their help for the Horning Boat Show with our Discover Sailing Day on Saturday 30th April. We will be running taster sessions from 10am-4pm, and could still do with a few more helpers, so if you can help out – please contact Holly on news@horning-sailing.club – these days only work through the fantastic support of our members, so please get in touch if you can come down. 


Three Rivers Entry Reminder

Just a quick reminder that the closing date for Three Rivers entry applications is 24th April. If this is likely to be an issue please get in touch with us via email or the website 3rr.uk. We look forward to receiving lots of entries.


HSC 200 Club

Fifteen numbers totalling £320 are drawn each quarter with a top prize of £75. If you would like to join the 200 Club, the new HSC 200 Club application forms are now on the notice board on the back wall of the Clubhouse. Alternatively you can speak to Will.


Easy Fundraising

If you haven’t signed up yet to support the Club through online shopping, you can do so at https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/horningsc/


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