It was a welcome return to racing for Horning Sailing Club on Sunday.  With the Club taking a very considered approach to getting back to activities, both numbers and fleets on the water were limited following a revised programme, with Sunday seeing the Yeomans, Yare & Bure One Designs and Dinghies racing on Hoveton Little Broad.  Although more damp and overcast than that originally forecast, there was a decent breeze, and as the Club’s starting signal sounded for the first time in over 9 months due to the Coronavirus restrictions that had previously been in force, the rain clouds began to clear to provide good sailing conditions.

The first race was relatively uneventful, providing a gentle introduction back to sailing – with Geoff Stubbs leading the Yeomans in Tara, followed by Will Penny Jnr in second, and Izzy Barham-Brown in Amethyst third.  Ron Jackson in Holly Blue was first Yare & Bure One Design, followed by Kevin Saunders in Silver Cloud in second place, and third was Ali Bourke in Nevada Blue.  In the dinghy fleet, Ellie Edwards racing a Splash won over James Pettit – also sailing a Splash, and Dan Herring in his Enterprise.

It was during the second race when the fun and games started – with all the keelboats inadvertently sailing an additional lap following the lead boat who had miscounted – it must have been the excitement of being back on the water!  Positions remained the same for the second race, although racing was much closer, particularly in the YBODs, which saw several changes of leader.  Next week sees the series continue on Hoveton Little Broad.

Full results

Race 1:

Yeomans (4):
  1. Tara (Geoff Stubbs/Mike Stubbs)
  2. Pania (Will Penny Jnr/Will Penny Snr)
  3. Amethyst (Izzy Barham-Brown/Robert Barham-Brown)
Yare & Bure One Designs (3):
  1. Holly Blue (Ron Jackson/Julia Bower)
  2. Silver Cloud (Kevin Saunders/Marianne Saunders)
  3. Nevada Blue (Alister Bourke/Abi Tassie)
Allcomers B (3):
  1. Splash 2040 (Ellie Edwards)
  2. Splash Wyndy (James Pettit)
  3. Bernard (Dan Herring/Lily Herring)

Race 2:

Yeomans (4):
  1. Tara
  2. Pania
  3. Amethyst
Yare & Bure One Designs (3):
  1. Holly Blue
  2. Silver Cloud
Allcomers B (2):
  1. Splash 2040
  2. Splash Wyndy

Race 3:

Yeomans (1):
  1. Pania